Puzzles available in the back of church or to print here.

As before, each puzzle, done to the child’s best ability, is worth one “ticket”, which can be taken from the top of the bookshelf in the back of church. Puzzles can be turned in in the basket provided.  These tickets can then be redeemed for books.  Books are available on the shelves at church with a number of tickets written inside the cover. Just trade the tickets back in for a book! Tickets from last year count also.

We hope also that these Bible stories may be blessed.  The Lord has left a rich treasure for us in His Word! May the Lord work during this time in many hearts.

Wishing you and your children the Lord’s blessing

April 5
Puzzle 25
May 17
Puzzle 31
July 5
Puzzle 37
April 12
Puzzle 26
May 24
Puzzle 32
July 12
Puzzle 38
April 19
Puzzle 27
May 31
Puzzle 33
July 19
Puzzle 39
April 27
Puzzle 28
June 14
Puzzle 34
July 26
Puzzle 40
May 3
Puzzle 29
May 10
Puzzle 30
June 21
Puzzle 35
June 28
Puzzle 36
August 2
Puzzle 41
August 23
Puzzle 42

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