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Visiting for the First Time?

Walking into a new church might be intimidating, when you are not sure what to expect!  Here is what our worship service looks like. We welcome you to join us as you are!

What can you expect? When you walk in you will find a very quiet church.  Besides greeting each other, the worshipers generally find themselves a seat, pray quietly for a blessing, and read the Bible or the Sunday meditation on the bulletin. Our organist will start playing softly about 10-15 minutes before the start of the service, playing songs for reflection.

How do our regular attendees dress? Many of our men wear suits and ties or dress pants and a button down shirt. Our women and girls wear dresses.  They also wear head coverings.


What do we do with our little children? We encourage everyone to bring their little ones in to worship with you.  If you feel your child is becoming too noisy, there is a training room in the back of the sanctuary, and several rooms with toys and seats in the basement equipped with speakers so you can still follow the service. 

The consistory will walk in from the front and stand for a silent prayer.  As our church currently does not have its own pastor, many times our service is led by an elder or deacon.  They will read a sermon that has been recorded from one of our ministers. The Psalters and Scripture portions will be listed on the board in the front of church.

Our order of worship:

Opening blessing (if led by a minister or student minister)

Singing our first Psalter

Reading of the 10 commandments (morning service)

Reading of a Creed (evening service)

Scripture Reading

Congregational Prayer

Second Psalter with Collection

Reading or Preaching of the Sermon

Third Psalter with Collection

End of Sermon

Closing Prayer 

Fourth Psalter

Doxology (standing)

Blessing (standing)

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